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A full working version of SPIP™ can be downloaded by clicking the link below. SPIP™ can be evaluated anonymously for 2 days and additionally for 28 days just by registering your e-mail address, which will give you a chance to use SPIP for your work. If you have never worked with the program before, we encourage you to read more in "How to get started" and watch the tutorials on the tutorial page.

System Requirements

 SPIP™ will run on most standard PCs running Windows XP(SP3)/Vista/7/8/10*. However, we recommend the following minimum configuration:
CPU Speed:1 GHz
Memory:256 MB
Graphics Card:3D accelerated, 1024x768 pixels resolution, 24 or 32 bit color depth (limited performance in 16 bit color depth mode **)
Hard Disk:100 MB free
In order to generate reports using Word ActiveReporter in the Batch Processing Module you need to have MS Word 2000 or later installed.
* .NET 4.0 is required and is installed if not present. Service Pack 3 is required for Windows XP. SPIP™ versions up until 4.8.7 also run on Windows NT. Versions up until 4.4.11 also run on Windows 98. SPIP™ on Mac: SPIP™ is a Windows only application but has been tested to work fine under Parallels > Windows on Mac. ** Limitations for 16 bit color mode:
  • No image overview in image Zoom Navigation Area
  • No preview of color scales
  • Built In color scales are hidden when Custom color scales exist
  • Limited color resolution in 2D and 3D image windows
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