MountainsSPIP® Webinar: particle analysis

Learn how to perform Particle Analysis with MountainsSPIP®

With MountainsSPIP® software, users can easily detect and quantify particles, pores and other micro-structures of any shape and size. This free webinar provides a comprehensive overview of this feature.

The following topics are addressed:
– particle detection methods (threshold, watershed, edge detection)
– using different layers for detection and for calculation
– masking structures with particle analysis for further processing
– classification of particles
– generating statistics on results of particle analysis (histograms, control charts, scatter plots etc.)

This second installment in our MountainsSPIP® webinar series is available on demand by clicking on the link below.

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MountainsSPIP® Webinar: preparing SPM images for analysis

As you may already know, recently-released MountainsSPIP® 8 software is the next-generation of image anaysis software for SPM users. It contains the best analytical tools from SPIP 6 software and also adds the power and automation of the Mountains® platform for surface and image analysis.

Need help getting started?

We’ve designed a series of free webinars to help you get started using MountainsSPIP®, in particular for users previously using SPIP software.

The first webinar will be going out live on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at 3PM (CET). Even if you are unavailable at this date, please register to receive a link to watch the webinar at a later, more convenient date.

More webinars will be announced soon.

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SPIP Continues as MountainsSPIP®

Please be informed that from now onwards our parent company Digital Surf is in charge of customer relations and sales and that the SPIP product is no more available for sale.

Try MountainsSPIP® for free
The good news is that many of the SPIP functions will continue in the MountainsSPIP® software and that all our SPIP customers having an active maintenance service are entitled to a MountainsSPIP® 8 license valid until the end of 2020, free of charge in addition to their SPIP license.
If you are eligible to benefit from this offer, the Digital Surf sales team will be in touch with you shortly to help you activate your free MountainsSPIP® license and assist with any questions you may have.
If you are having an active SPIP maintenance service we are still here to assist you and you are welcome to ask questions at
A free trial version of MountainsSPIP® is available for download at To learn more about the features of MountainsSPIP® products please visit

Thank you for an inspiring time
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued SPIP users, – it has been a great pleasure to serve you with new software functions, which you inspired us to develop over the years. I wish you every success with MountainsSPIP®, which I am convinced will be the state-of-the-art SPM image analysis software for many years to come.

The future
The future mission of Image Metrology will be research and development of new algorithms and functions supporting continued improvements of MountainsSPIP® and we will be pleased to engage in projects together with research institutes in the field of SPM and related techniques. So, if you have ideas for such R&D projects you are most welcome to contact us via

Best regards,

Jan Friis Jørgensen, CEO

DTU Science Park

Image Metrology has moved to DTU Science Park

Image Metrology has moved to DTU Science Park

Today we moved to our new facilities at DTU Science Park, located on the campus of the Danish Technical University and looking forward to being part of an inspiring environment among other innovative companies. We are also looking forward to an even closer cooperation with DTU researchers and students.

20 Years Anniversary

20 Years Anniversary

We are proud to celebrate our company's 20 years anniversary and look back at our history during which we have had the honor to serve many customers with state-of-the-art software for microscopy.

The Short History

In December 1998, Image Metrology was established as a spin off company from DTU (Danish Technical University) and DFM (Danish Institute for Fundamental Metrology). The company was build on the SPIP (Scanning Probe Image Processor) software developed by Jan Friis Jørgensen during his PhD and post doc period at NIST. It was the perfect timing for starting a business, for  four main reasons:

  1.  Scanning Probe Microscopy was becoming a more mature technique and being used by an increasing number of research institutes.
  2.  Personal computers were becoming more powerful and advanced image processing software, previously limited to more expensive Unix workstations, could now be implemented on more common Windows based personal computers.
  3. The Internet had become mature and widely available, so it was easy to market and distribute SPIP test versions globally.
  4. There were only few software packages with limited functionalities available and SPIP could fulfil the demand for more powerful software.

It took only five months to mature and commercialize the SPIP software and receive the first orders. Since then SPIP has become the de facto standard for SPM image analysis and used by microscopists, researches and students worldwide.
During the years the focus of Image Metrology has always been on developing advanced and accurate image processing software, and yet easy to use, for customers demanding the very best. We are still committed to this mission, which we are now pursuing together with our mother company Digital Surf.

MountainsSPIPTM- The New Product

I 2014 Image Metrology was acquired by Digital Surf,, which came naturally as our products had a lot in common and complemented each other. By sharing our knowledge and development resources we could accomplish and create even more powerful and comprehensive software products. This vision will soon be materialized by the MountainsSPIP™ software package, , expected to enter the market in the first half year of 2019.
We are currently in a transition phase where Mountains® and SPIPTM are combined in to the new MountainsSPIPTM product, - and now is the perfect time to invest in SPIP as we for a limited time are offering an extra MountainsSPIP license for free, as soon as it is released.

The Future

We are still committed to serving the SPM community with the best software tools and will continue our innovative development of new features for MountainsSPIP and provide our customers with the best possible service. Therefore, we look forward to an even closer cooperation with our valued customers, partners, distributors and colleagues over the next many years. Share your SPIP and MountainsSPIP experiences and wishes with us - we are here for you.

Best regards,
Jan F. Jørgensen, CEO

Jan Friis Jørgensen, CEO Image Metrology

MountainsSPIP Software

Receive MountainsSPIP™ for FREE with your SPIP™ Purchase

Receive MountainsSPIP™ for FREE with your SPIP™ Purchase

Since SPM specialists Image Metrology and Digital Surf joined forces in 2014, development teams from both companies have been working hard to create the next generation of SPM image analysis software. The new product line, named MountainsSPIP 8™, will be unveiled at the MRS Fall Exhibition Boston on November 27-29, 2018 and made available to users in Q2 2019. Based on the industry-standard Mountains® platform, it will also include all the best SPIP™ interactivity and analytical tools.

All SPIP customers who have an active maintenance service at the time of release of MountainsSPIP 8 will be entitled to an upgrade to this new product, absolutely free of charge.

So,  make sure your SPIP maintenance service is renewed, even if it expired long time ago.

Who will receive a free MountainsSPIP™ license?

  • All SPIP customers having purchased a SPIP licenses after September 1st 2018
  • All SPIP customers having updated their maintenance service after September 1st 2018
  • All SPIP customers having an active maintenance service on the release date of MountainsSPIP 8.0.0

An example of the many new features that you will find in MountainsSPIP™ is Correlative Analysis where images acquired by different techniques and scaling can be overlaid and provide new insight, see below:

More about MountainsSPIP™

Find more information about MountainsSPIP™ here

MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit 2018

MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit 2018

We would be pleased to welcome you on our booth #716 during the next MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit from November 27 to 29 in Boston, MA, USA. This year we are sharing the booth with our mother company Digital Surf
Meet us to get a live demo of SPIP and get the first sneak preview of the MountainsSPIP™ software.
More details here:

Learn more about MountainsSPIP™ here


SPIP™ release 6.7.5

We are happy to announce the newest SPIP™ release 6.7.5

and invite you to download and try it yourself

Download SPIP

In this release we have included many fixes and improvements requested by our SPIP users working with SPM and SEM images. It has for example now become much easier to define particle classes with nice boundary values, for size parameters such as area, diameter and height.
See detailed release notes here: