CASE: FORCE Technology

FORCE TechnologyFORCE Technology is a leading independent technological consultancy company based in Denmark. FORCE Technology offers
consultancy and services to a broad range of industries including energy, oil and gas, maritime, manufacturing, medical and infrastructure.

Furthermore, the company offers a wide range of services and solutions for the plastics, composites and rubber industry based on many successful co-operations with key players from the industry.  Examples are co-operations on aspects such as advanced surface characterization and material properties, e.g. in relation to durability and degradation in use, or the application of new plastic, composite and rubber materials and advanced surface coatings and surface structures.

Specialist Thomas Fich Pedersen from the department for Plastics, Composites and Surface Characterization uses SPIP as an integral part of his job:

“I am a very satisfied user of SPIP. I apply it for analysis of 3D images and SEM images, and other optical microscope images. In our department, we use SPIP in a variety of applications, such as measuring porosities in thermally sprayed coatings and characterization of nanometer sized holes in molecular sieve filters. In 3D microscopy, SPIP is our standard software for evaluation of roughness of curved surfaces, and in evaluation of wear and corrosion attacks both on real samples and on replicas of surfaces of for example off-shore pipelines. We have also used the software to evaluate both confocal and AFM images of micro- and nano-structured patterns produced in plastic and metal surfaces".