SPIP™ Advantages

Researchers who have not had previous experience with SPIP™ sometimes wonder how the imaging analysis software can add more value to their work than freeware or simply the instrument's standard software package, and therefore risk missing out on the opportunity of trying it out for themselves. At Image Metrology, we always encourage potential users to download the free 1-month trial, but the below should help give a brief overview.

Add value

Today, SPIP™ is the reference software within the field of scanning probe microscopy and  is used by leading universities and research departments in high-tech companies.

SPIP™ contains a broader feature set with many more options than you will find in any available instrument software package or freeware, ranging from the detail level in the settings for various functions to the batch processing and reporting presentation facilities.  All advanced functions can be configured in detail by the user, but are nevertheless easy to use by less savvy users thanks to built-in shortcuts. However, it is the high level of interactivity that makes SPIP™ stand out from other software packages.

Increase efficiency

A significant advantage compared to the analysis software packages from instrument manufacturers is that SPIP™ can read file formats from many different instruments. Therefore, SPIP™ can be used not only for different SPM brands, but also for images from surface profilers, interference microscopes, electron microscopes etc.

With its modern and intuitive user interface, SPIP™ is much easier to install and use than any freeware.  SPIP™ is regularly updated with new features and corrections requested by users and each version is thoroughly tested before release. SPIP™ is developed by an experienced and well-connected team dedicated to bringing the best analysis software to especially SPM users.

Ensure quality results


AFM force volume image of a thermoplastic matrix with embedded rubber-like inclusions. The positions of the extracted force curves are displayed in also the height and adhesion images.

SPIP™ has originated from the metrology world with focus on getting SPM images as close to the real surface as possible and making the most accurate measurements. Therefore, SPM users will find no other software with an equal amount of dedicated tools for processing and analyzing SPM data, e.g. images, force curves, IV curves, volume data etc.

SPIP™ contains unmatched tools for calibration and correction of systematic and random distortions, which assures that the automated measurements are producing the most accurate results. Therefore, all major national metrology institutes where reliability and accuracy is crucial to their results use SPIP™.

Besides powerful tools for e.g. particle analysis, roughness analysis and calibration, SPIP™ provides unsurpassed tools for detailed interactive inspection of SPM images and curves including synchronized cross section profiling and synchronized zoom.

Free Help & Support

Image Metrology provides free phone and e-mail end user support; so that you can always get help if you get stuck, have questions or suggestions for new features.

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