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The tutorials have been divided into three categories ”General tools and options”, ”Correction and noise reduction" and ”Analysis and inspection”. In each category there are three types of tutorials according to their length and complexity. Links to most introductory tutorials are also found on the Welcome screen in SPIP™

Short introductory

Quick tips and tricks

Longer in-depth explanatory

General tools and options

This group of tutorials covers the fundamental concepts in SPIP™ and the tools and options used across different analysis and processing functions: How the user interface works, zooming, various ways of opening data, color scale adjustments, how to customize views, inspection tools, Quick Launch etc..

Stitching Cross Section Profiles in SPIP™

Correction & Noise Reduction

In this group, tutorials on correcting and improving data are found.  This includes plane correction (levelling, flattening, brightness correction), scaling, noise filtering, spike removal, feature enhancement by filters or by correlation averaging. This group also covers the unique calibration and linearity analysis and correction features in SPIP™.

Analysis & Inspection

This group of tutorials covers the analysis functions in SPIP™, for example evaluation of roughness, particle analysis, roughness analysis, Fourier (FFT), force and spectroscopy curve analysis. Some analysis tools more targeted towards image improvement are described in the Correction & Noise Reduction category.

How to perform tip characterization in SPIP™