The next BIG step:  MountainsSPIP® 8

Together with our colleagues at Digital Surf *),  we have developed and released the new MountainsSPIP® 8 to bring you the next generation of SPM image analysis software, based on the industry-standard Mountains platform and all the best SPIP interactivity and analytical tools.
MountainsSPIP 8, was first time unveiled at the MRS Fall Exhibit in Boston November 2018 where it attracted great interest.

It is now available for download: Download the MountainsSPIP software

Please watch our presentation video on MountainsSPIP®

MountainsSPIP presentation video showing some highlights on SPM image processing and Force Curve Analysis


Significant MountainsSPIP® benefits

Existing SPIP users will benefit from the following new features not found in SPIP:

  • Scientific software with a document layout: Organize the different steps of your image processing on one or several pages and publish them directly in different formats (PDF, Word etc.).
  • Total traceability: See all the analysis steps already applied to your data and instantly revert back to any step in the process. If you edit any step, all dependent steps are automatically updated.
  • Save your work and pick up where you left off last time.
  • Automate repetitive work and speed up your analysis process with powerful tools.
  • Correlative Analysis: Go beyond the limitations of one single instrument technology and combine data from 3D optical profilers, AFM, SEM, fluorescence, Raman, IR or other microscopes.
  • Multi-channel file management & processing: switch easily from one channel to another during each and every stage of image analysis

All users can take advantage of the unique functions already valued by our SPIP customers:

  • Force spectroscopy: visualize, process and study force curves and force volume images.
  • Particle analysis: easily detect and quantify features of any shape and size on virtually any surface.
  • Lateral Calibration: Get the most accurate measurement of repeated structures and assess your instrument for linearity distortions
  • Correlation Averaging: The best tool for suppressing random noise and enhance repeated structures
  • Compatibility with all scanning probe microscopes: SPM, AFM, STM, SNOM, etc. and also with ANY other microscope or surface measuring instrument like scanning electron microscope, confocal microscope, 3D optical profiler, ...
  • etc.

Learn more about MountainsSPIP® key features here

MountainsSPIP® comes in three packages,  Starter, Expert and Premium. Learn about the MountainsSPIP® packages


Free MountainsSPIP® licenses for existing SPIP™ customers

All SPIP™ customers who had/have an active SPIP maintenance service between June 30 and December 31, 2019  are entitled to an extra free MountainsSPIP® License valid until December 31, 2020 and before this date to make a free transfer of the SPIP license to the equivalent MountainsSPIP® license.
Please, contact to request your MountainsSPIP® license.

The Story behind MountainsSPIP®

Christophe Mignot, CEO of Digital Surf

Christophe Mignot, CEO of Digital Surf

CEO Christophe Mignot, Digital Surf, explains in an interview the history behind MountainsSPIP®


*) Image Metrology and Digital Surf are part of the same group since July 2014. Together we are developing the next generation software for SPM analysis and image processing.

MountainsSPIP Key Features

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