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We are very much satisfied with the SPIP software

I have been using SPIP since the start of my research and we are very much satisfied with the SPIP software and its capabilities to resolve many issues, especially to our research area where we deal with simultaneous quantification of roughness and colloid particle concentration on a very complex and rough rock surfaces.

Dr. Gopala Krishna Darbha, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology March 25, 2019

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SPIP is indispensable

For our activities SPIP is indispensable. Danish Fundamental Metrology use it as the only software tools for AFM analysis and calibrations of nanometer scale standards with international recognition. For special applications the possibility to write tailored plug-ins is unique and easy to use.

Dr. Jørgen Garnæs, Danish Fundamental Metrology March 25, 2019

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Extremely powerful, I analyze all my data with SPIP

I have been using SPIP since around 2009. We have multi-user licenses and I have trained many of my DuPont colleagues to use the various parts of the SPIP package. We use it for its intended use, to analyze data and images from several different scanning probe microscopes, but we also use it to analyze images from optical and electron microscopes and data from optical and stylus profilometry instruments as well. The package is extremely powerful and I have not found a type of data file that cannot be imported or read by the software. The particle and pore analysis is particularly powerful and we have used it to statistically analyze nano and microparticle size and shape from atomic force microscope and electron microscope images. We also use the particle and pore analysis to calculate wear volumes and quantify scratch damage and healing on the surface of polymers. The new profile analysis package is very intuitive and powerful, it allows us to compare profiles from many different tools to understand the size and shape of features at a variety of different length scales. It even enables correlation between surface morphology and optical images to understand the appearance of surfaces and defects. I no longer use the image or data analysis packages associated with the various instruments, I analyze all my data with SPIP.

Greg Blackman, DuPont March 25, 2019

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Simply immense

I think SPIP is very user friendly and versatile software. I´ve used other commercial softwares, but the options available in SPIP are simply immense.

Loveleen Kaur Brar, Indian Institute of Science February 15, 2017

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Very flexible and user friendly

I like very much to work with SPIP software package. It is very flexible and user friendly. It is a powerful tool not only for SPM, STM data processing but also for other images. I always appreciate a scientific result sustained in a suggestive graphical way and, why not, artistic if possible. With SPIP, science can be also an art!

Mirela Suchea, Dr., Cuza University of Iasi Romania February 15, 2017

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All measurement with a single software

I am working with the main SFM producers. Every SFM has special requirements in the analyzing part of the software but with SPIP it is possible to analyze all measurement with a single software. In addition, SPIP offers an enormous number of possibilities

Christine Müller, Dr., TU Kaiserslautern, Department of Physics, AG Ziegler February 15, 2017

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Appreciate the support

I rely heavily on SPIP and appreciate the support that I and my students have received from Image Metrology.

Harry J. Ploehn, Prof. , University of South Carolina, Department of Chemical Engineering December 18, 2016

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Useful in the analysis of our SPM images

Some of the tools I´ve used so far include plane adjustment, FFT, gradient processing, histograms of height, rotation of image, to name a few; all of which are useful in the analysis of our SPM images.

Diedrich Schmidt, PhD Candidate Research Assistant, Olmstead Research Group, University of Washington, Seattle, WA December 18, 2016

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SPIP is the standard program for processing and presenting AFM data...

SPIP is the standard program for processing and presenting AFM data in our lab since 4 years. We appreciate that SPIP is frequently updated and that our suggestions and requirements were integrated in SPIP.

Hermann Schillers, Dr. , Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Institute of Physiology II December 18, 2016

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