New File Formats

SPIP™ is unmatched when it comes to supporting different file formats. We are very eager to maintain this leadership.  Therefore, we offer to implement generally used file formats for FREE, if they are sufficiently documented.  You can also have your "private" file format implemented. The price depends on the complexity of the file format.  All you have to do is email us a sample file along with a screenshot showing the correct reading of the file. Furthermore, we appreciate any file format documentation you might have. We will then get back to you with information on when your file format will be implemented.

Dedicated Software Development

Image Metrology offers branding, customization and integration of, SPIP™ or topoStitch™ and seamless integration with your instrument software. 

Image Analysis

Characterization and Calibration of SPM Instruments: We characterize quality, linearity, correction parameters, orthogonality, and noise problems based on images we receive from you.  

Characterization of Surface Structures: We can characterize surface structures for you based on images you send to us.  

Image Enhancement and Presentation: We offer to assist you in presenting your images the best possible way making your publication or presentation even more convincing.


We arrange custom designed training courses in the use of SPIP™ at Image Metrology or at your place.

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