OEM opportunities

Allow Your Customers to Take Full Advantage of Your Instruments

With the full range of SPIP™ modules your customers will have access to the most comprehensive set of software tools for microscopy imaging allowing them to utilize the full potential of your instruments.

Save Money on Software Development

By bundling the full version of SPIP™ to your instruments you will not have to offer your customers any other image calibration, correction or analysis software. Thus you can minimize your in-house software development costs.

Maintain Focus on Your Core Business and Strengths

By minimizing your in-house software development you will not only save money. You are also able to increase your focus on your core business and competencies within instrument technology and development.

Gain Competitive Power

The demand for accurate and easy to use software tools for microscopes is increasing. A microscope is a major investment for any research institution or company. Therefore, productive software tools are essential as they have a considerable influence on the overall research quality and effectiveness. By bundling more SPIP™ modules to your instruments you are able to offer your customers state-of-the-art software tools at a very competitive price.

Customizable Software Package to Fit Every Customer

SPIP™ is the most versatile software package of its kind. By combining the various modules you are able to customize the software to fit the need of every customer. Furthermore, the Plug-In Interface allows users to program plug-ins for special purposes.

Integration and Automation

Using the SPIP™ "Sniffer" technology or "Plug-In Interface" your users will experience SPIP™ as an integrated part of your instrument. Furthermore, the Batch Processor and Active Reporter facilities enable your customers to achieve the highest productivity and create customized and automated MS Word reports in their own language.

Stay Ahead

The use of SPM microscopes is expected to spread into new fields of research and development. To stay ahead you must meet the demands of tomorrow's customers. This means an ongoing development of new software tools for new users. Image Metrology is dedicated to this development and has the resources and the expertise to ensure that SPIP™ stays ahead.

Increase Your Profit

As an OEM distributor you are you are able to offer SPIP™ at a competitive price. Furthermore, SPIP™ will make your instruments easier and more profitable to use, which will help you increase your overall instrument sales.

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