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The 3D Visualization Studio module generates stunning 3D projections of image data for presentations, and is at the same time a powerful tool for inspecting and highlighting details. Compelling animation movies can be designed and exported to avi or mpeg video files. 

The 3D projection view generated by the 3D Visualization Studio module is highly customizable, providing the user tools for making perfect presentations and posters.

A multitude of settings allow the user to control colors, lights (ambient, directional, specular etc) from different sources, fonts etc. in a dedicated panel. A customizable mesh can be displayed on top of the 3D projection, and as a very special SPIP™ feature height contour lines can be overlaid as well. A subset of these settings are available directly from the ribbon so that so that for example toggling the display of axes, title, background grid is a one click operation.

Easy to use


Combined height and phase AFM image of an impact co-polymer used for various consumer products ranging from car bumpers to yogurt cups, where lightness, strength and form are important properties. The material is a thermoplastic with inclusions of small elastomer domains.

The 3D image can be overlaid with the contrast of another image, for example the phase image of an AFM recording, or the Young’s Modulus map calculated from a force volume data set. This makes it possible to correlate for example topography and local elasticity.

The 3D module is very easy to use and fast to learn as there are ribbon buttons for switching into each of the different manipulation modes for changing the rotation, pitch, roll, zoom, z scale magnification, and directional light. Preset fallbacks are available so that it is always easy to return to a well-known view point.

In addition, the 3D module offers full flexibility for fast interactive inspection using mouse and keyboard short cuts. Learning these short cuts makes the 3D module an efficient inspection tool, as image details can be magnified, enhanced and viewed from different angles in a continuous flow.

Though the 3D impression is only meaning full for real 3D data (height images) then the 3D module will in fact generate projections of any image, allowing users to make impressive pictures of for example also SEM image data.



Animation movies are easily made by creating just a few key frames. SPIP™ will then interpolate between these fix-points. The animations can be exported to avi and mpeg video files.

STM image of atomically resolved molybdenum disulfide nanoclusters on a gold Au(111) substrate in a study of the catalytic properties of MoS carried out at the University of Århus.

AFM image of a Tipcheck (Aurora NanoDevices Inc.) sample consisting of sharp randomly oriented peaks, used for blind tip reconstruction using the Tip Characterization module in SPIP™.

AFM image of a replica of the foil inside a DVD

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