SPIP & TopoStich Image Analysis Software

Our dedicated software developers constantly strive to develop new solutions and products to meet the growing demands from our customers.  Today we offer both the well-known SPIP software and the image-stitching program topoStitch. Additionally, we regularly assist our customers and partners with training of their researchers, develop new file formats and integrate the software with instruments. Learn more on the individual product pages. 


SPIP™ is an advanced software package for processing and analyzing microscopy images at nano- and microscale. With the high level of usable features, SPIP™ provides industrial and academic researchers with an advanced toolkit for working with microscope images.


topoStitch™ offers the easiest and most accurate way to stitch topographic or greyscale images from SPM’s, profilers, interferometers, confocal microscopes or any other instrument type.


Image Metrology offers our expertise to customers in need dedicated training, implementation with instruments, specific image analysis or developing support for even more file formats.