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SPIP™ is the preferred software package for nano- and microscale image processing at high-tech companies and leading research institutes in more than 60 countries.

SPIP™ supports 103 file formats for various instrument types, including:

  • SEM, TEM
  • Interferometers
  • Confocal Microscopes
  • Profilers
  • Optical Microscopes
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Many of the world's most trusted brands use SPIP™ - here are a few of them:
SPIP™ is also used for academic research and has been referenced in 910 scientific publications.
I rely heavily on SPIP and appreciate the support that I and my students have received from Image Metrology.
Harry J. Ploehn, Prof. , University of South Carolina, Department of Chemical Engineering
Revision History
SPIP™ 6.3.1, released 2014-09-30

Revision History

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